Our Mission
To go beyond our own limits every day, to continuously improve our market position.
To work with consistency, ethics and professionalism to always rank among the best in terms of quality and service for the customer.
To listen to the demands of the customer and respond with competence, reliability and rapidity.

Attention and passion
Our success is the fruit of years of experience and the daily commitment of our employees; women and men who love their work and who perform their duties with passion.

Through careful attention to the demands and needs of our customers, we provide answers and solutions that are the most suitable for all destinations of use, WHERE THE ROLLER COVERINGS IN RUBBER OR POLYURETHANE MUST PERFORM PERFECTLY, also in the most severe conditions. Our first objective is to provide maximum availability to listen, because direct communication with the customer and analysis of customer demands are fundamental for providing the best solution.

The important advantage that we provide with our consulting services is the guarantee of the absolute best result, with the assurance of having made the right choice for the required results, also according to a correct assessment of economic compatibility.

Shared experience
We face the challenges of our customers to grow, improve our knowledge-base and share our experience through obtained results. We strive to provide our support and availability to find new solutions.

Quality is the result of long term experience and attention to our customers’ demands. For us there are no standard solutions that are the same for everyone: each request is special and will be met with a custom solution designed according to the specific needs of the customer.

Speaking the same language
Each sector and each application is created based on technical competences and skills that often translate into a language composed of characteristic words and expressions. We know your work and we understand your needs and can easily find a point of convergence. PRODUCTION OF CYLINDERS ROLLERS WHEELS AND TECHNICAL ITEMS IN RUBBER AND POLYURETHANE